Developing excellence and authenticity in business leadership

Excello is driven to expand our clients’ skills so they can succeed personally and professionally. We provide three core services: management and presentation coaching, retreats, and emceeing. Our clients invest in their employees’ leadership equity as a tool for growth.

Coaching with authenticity

With authenticity at the core of her work, Excello CEO Jeannette Austin recognizes the potential leader in all of us and is guided by the mantra that no one needs to be perfect to be great. Jeannette built Excello from the ground up, focusing on her passion for helping business leaders become more polished managers and engaging speakers. She has more than a decade of consulting, training, and coaching experience, and 15 years of municipal government experience in planning, operational, and community service positions. Jeannette also has 10 years of invaluable customer care experience with several prominent companies throughout western Canada.

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