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Jeannette knows that career-driven women can excel in male-dominated industries without compromising their physical, mental, or emotional health—because she's had to do it herself. Now, she shares her story so other women don't have to hit rock bottom.

Jeannette's Story:

With over 30 years of experience in male-dominated fields such as municipal government, Public Works, and photography and sales during the 1980s and 90s, Jeannette Austin brings unparalleled real-world expertise to her work.

Jeannette’s journey includes a 15-year career in municipal government across four Alberta municipalities. Following her family's move to Kamloops, BC, she completed the Self-Employment Business Plan program through Community Futures, which led her into contracting. This experience paved the way for a 15-year tenure as a non-profit executive director in the Public Works sector across Alberta and BC.

In addition to her executive role, Jeannette has developed a diverse skill set in management, human resources, course development, coaching, and leadership. Despite her varied career, Jeannette's true passion lies in speaking, facilitating, and teaching. She effortlessly weaves words and stories to shed new light on simple concepts, ensuring every presentation leaves the audience with actionable steps and a renewed sense of hope.

Jeannette's keynote, "From Struggle to Strength: Mastering Your Comeback and Embracing Resilience," is crafted with the audience's emotional well-being in mind. By sharing her own journey, she aims to dispel feelings of isolation and let others know they are not alone. In industries where mental wellness often carries stigma, Jeannette advocates for a new approach and increased accessibility to support.

Whether engaging with water and wastewater operators, business owners, local government officials, or administrative professionals, Jeannette’s presentations are marked by authenticity, relatability, and a touch of fun. Her message resonates deeply with a wide range of audiences, ensuring a lasting impact.

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