Keynote: Mastering your comeback

Have you ever had a moment where your world stood still? A specific sound or smell instantly takes you back to THAT moment? All you have to do is close your eyes and everything is clear, even if it’s been decades? My story starts with one of those moments…

It was March 2020, and my extended family was in Fairmont Hot Springs, BC, for our annual trip. For over 34 years, without fail, my family would gather in Fairmont Hot Springs. On this specific trip, we were celebrating my oldest grandson’s birthday on Sunday evening. Suddenly, all the cellphones in the room sounded the emergency alert. The Alberta Government announced that the schools would be shutting down without a date of return.

In that instant, life as I knew it changed. Just six weeks after the emergency alert on my phone, I had experienced:

  • Loss of wages
  • New responsibilities at work
  • No human contact in 39 days
  • Caregiver to my aging parents

All of these things started to take a toll on my mental health.


Something had to changed

One day, a red pamphlet arrived in the mail about the psychological first aid program offered by the Red Cross. It felt as if it was sent just for me. I realized something had to change.

I enrolled in the psychological first aid program, which offered me invaluable tools and perspectives. The course helped me understand the impact of stress on my body and mind, and it gave me practical techniques to start healing.

Looking Back and Moving Forward:

My story is not unique. Almost everyone could tell us where they were when they got the news about the Global Pandemic. Everyone in this room could share a list of things that happened to them because of COVID-19.

We have the statistics to prove it: mental health issues, increased suicide rates, overdoses, abuse, and homelessness. We have all collectively gone through something traumatic. Although we would love to just pick up where we left off, I think it would serve everyone better if we took a moment to process everything we have been through. To hold space and grieve the holiday gatherings, births, weddings, and graduations that were missed.

I believe by doing that, we would also discover a deeper sense of community and resilience that will help us move forward together, stronger than before.

Mastering Your Comeback- Keynote

When a community faces an infrastructure failure or a natural disaster, the problem is given immediate attention. When you or someone on your team is facing a crisis or dealing with a mental or physical health issue, it needs to be treated with the same care and vigour. The recent pandemic has brought this topic to the forefront for many organizations.

Jeannette will share her personal story of mastering her comeback during the pandemic, and she will provide insight into the skills and tools managers and individuals need to move forward and succeed during any crisis.

The Mastering a Comeback Workshop will equip you with the skills and tools necessary to be a leader for wellness in your organization.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the different types of stress and where we see them in our daily lives.
  • Identify and deal with physical, social, institutional and major life stress and check in with your personal factor wheel.
  • Learn how to implement a workplace that supports the personal factor wheel and wellbeing of your co-workers and staff.
  • Develop a plan to be a leader for wellness in your organization.

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