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Get the tools you need to be the best possible leader and work effectively as a team.

  • Figure out how to lead with authenticity and courage.
  • Learn who your people are.
  • Discover how your teammates learn.
  • Work with others and help them to be the best they can be.

You’ll also discover how to have those tough conversations, enhance your presentation skills, and so much more!


Mastering a Comeback


When a community faces an infrastructure failure or a natural disaster, the problem is given immediate attention. When you or someone on your team is facing a crisis or dealing with a mental or physical health issue, it needs to be treated with the same care and vigour. The recent pandemic has brought this topic to the forefront for many organizations.

Jeannette will share her personal story of mastering her comeback during the pandemic, and she will provide insight into the skills and tools managers and individuals need to move forward and succeed during any crisis.


The Mastering a Comeback program will equip you with the skills and tools necessary to be a leader for wellness in your organization.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the different types of stress and where we see them in our daily lives.
  • Identify and deal with physical, social, institutional and major life stress and check in with your personal factor wheel.
  • Learn how to implement a workplace that supports the personal factor wheel and wellbeing of your co-workers and staff.
  • Develop a plan to be a leader for wellness in your organization.

Excelling from Within is a practical, real-life look at how we lead, supervise, and manage within the workplace and our everyday lives.

Much has been said about our multi-generational workforce. This session will look at this discussion from a fresh perspective of learning styles, personality, and environment. Authenticity is at the core of excelling. No one needs to be perfect to be awesome! What makes the difference is how we react when those “learning opportunities” come along. When we learn to study the playback reel and see a different result, we can begin to self-coach ourselves and develop new skills to excel from within. Being authentically courageous means being real and talking about your challenges, struggles, and fears along with your strengths and passions. It means sharing your experiences with others to challenge them to grow and learn.

Your presentation should be informative, naturally, but an excellent presentation will also evoke some emotion in your audience. Learn to plan your presentation, decide on a delivery method, and avoid the pitfalls of “Death by PowerPoint”.

What conversations have you been unable or unwilling to have with your boss, colleague, employee, customer, husband, parent, child, or yourself? What conversation have you been scared to have that—if you had been able to have—might change everything?

A fierce or difficult conversation is one in which we come out from behind ourselves into the conversation and make it real. It is not cruel, barbarous, or threatening. If you were to look at a thesaurus, “fierce” has the following synonyms: robust, intense, strong, powerful, passionate, eager, unbridled, uncurbed, untamed.

This session will provide attendees with tools to have those difficult conversations and inspire them to be open and honest in their everyday conversations.

Learn the most important tools and tricks in delivering an effective presentation.

An effective presentation aims to change the audience and get them to think or act differently by truly engaging them with a clear, focused message, logical arguments, and compelling visuals combined with a passionate delivery that evokes emotions.

In the big picture, communication includes all ways of conveying thoughts or feelings between people. Public speaking is really just a specialized form of human communication where the speaker wants a specific response from the audience. With public speaking, the speaker communicates specifically to receive a desired response and has an intended purpose before their talk begins.

Your presentation should be informative, naturally, but an excellent presentation will also evoke some emotion in your audience. Learn to plan your presentation, decide on a delivery method and avoid the pitfalls of “Death by PowerPoint”.

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