Excelling from Within

Leadership is more than a title at your workplace, it is important in all aspects of our life. It is an attitude we can apply in every situation.  Every moment is an opportunity to lead and excel from within.

Leadership in your home & relationships

  • Show gratitude, verbal thank you, thank you notes, photo journal #excello2020photojournal #excello2021photojournal
  • Acknowledge kind behaviour

Catch each other doing something right, nice or kind

Leadership in your community

  • COVID 19 Cooperation – if requested or required wear a mask
  • Assisting those in need, isolated, quarantined, scared to go out, go shopping, mow, shovel etc.

Leadership online in social media

  • Positive, non-judgmental responses to posts, positive and supportive posts
  • Keep the mindset that we are all doing the best we can and making the best decisions we can for our families given our situations. Ie masks/no masks, school/home school, work at home/work at the office

Leadership in your industry

  • How can you assist your professional organization or a related organization?
  • Can you volunteer or act as a mentor to someone in your industry?

Leadership in your Finances

  • Manage your own finances well – debt will weigh you down. 
  • Living debt free will provide you a sense of peace knowing you are in control of your life.

Lead your own life well – Excel from within!  Assume command of your own habits and actions.  Have compassion and empathy for those around you.  Be inspired daily and learn something new.  True leadership is excelling from within.  I would be honoured to work with you in your journey to excel from within

Jeannette Austin – Excello