The Tuesday Two © – October 11 2022

Introducing the Tuesday Two.  Each Tuesday I will deliver to you two things that are relevant to wellness.  Yesterday was World Mental Health Day and Canadian Thanksgiving. For me it was reminiscent of 2020 because I delivered Turkey dinner to parents and son & his family, and then ate my dinner alone. 

1. Chose Joy.  It was hard yesterday to do that, I wanted to feel sorry for myself, but I focused on the fact that on Sunday I was able to spend time with my grandsons.  Joy is a choice you can make by focusing on what you are grateful for.  It literally helps to rewire you brain.

2. Did you know that soil is an antidepressant?  The smell of mycobacterium vaccae, a microorganism found in soil, compost and leaf mold, lights up neurotransmitters that release serotonin which is a mood-lifting hormone. I have always loved playing in the dirt (gardening) Thanks to the beautiful fall, my garden boxes are still producing.  But it’s time to play in the dirt and get them ready for winter, harvesting the remaining carrots for pickled carrots, and bring in the last tomatoes to ripen in the window. (Frost is coming tomorrow)

Have a great week!

Jeannette Austin Excello – Excelling from within!