Master The Comeback!

Did you pivot well in 2020? I can’t say that I did, in fact I couldn’t for a variety of reasons. But I do intend to master a great comeback!

Just before my birthday in February of 2020 I declared that this would be the year I would finally loose the extra 45 lbs. I had been carrying around. I was doing great and even managed to not gain weight on our 17th anniversary trip to Cozumel.

Then COVID19 hit and everything stopped. My husband works away from home and when he left in late March we had no idea when he would be home. I baked a lot, I shared it with my parents and kids but I ate my fair share. So instead of loosing my extra weight, I gained back what I had lost prior to March 15th 2020.

March 15th everything changed, I had to step in full-time at the HVAC business I own with my son. My association contract work was decreased. I couldn’t facilitate workshops in person and began to struggle with self doubt, depression and health issues followed.

The community I live in often doesn’t have the broadband for me to host a webinar without loosing my connection. So I couldn’t even consider taking my business virtual. So now what?

I have always been someone who chooses to be grateful, looks for the good in others and tries to find joy everyday. As March 15, 2021 approaches I will master a comeback.


I am taking The Red Cross’s Psychological First Aid Certificate this month. I am also working on a workshop titled “Master the Comeback”. The workshop will help entrepreneurs like me who are stuck and struggling to reboot following COVID19. I am partnering with Trish Tutton who will help us develop tools to create the mindset to thrive no matter what. Stay tuned for details coming soon.