The Heart and Soul of Public Works: Heroes

My heroes don’t wear uniforms with shiny buttons or capes, and they don’t have super powers. These heroes help to protect us every day. Our communities start with public works. It is my belief that public works is the heart of the community. Behind every great public works leader there is a fantastic administrative assistant, and they are the heart and soul of public works. Just like Alfred was to Batman, our administrative professionals are there to inspire us to be our best.

Their job is not just administrative work. When they get into the office, they drop all their own self needs and dedicate their time to the operations or public works team. They are the front line “first responders” for the public works department. Taking the difficult calls from residents who are unhappy. Researching and collecting information, and preparing the supporting documents for requests from the public. Handing it over with a smile and a few encouraging words to keep the public works heroes headed in the right direction. Without them, the public works heroes would not be nearly as effective.

Administrative assistants are expected to keep things running smoothly, no matter what it takes. Think of them like the “utility player” in baseball. They are Jacks and Jills-of-all-trades, expected to perform at a high level in a ton of different situations. They are truly the heart and soul of public works.

What can you do?

We have a talented group of administrative professionals in our industry and I invite you to celebrate their quiet dedication and indispensable influence! How can you celebrate and recognize them?

One of the best ways to make our administrative professionals feel like their job is important is to invest in their role or department. Especially in ways that make work more fun, efficient or easier. They will be more energized, have more time for other tasks and feel recognized. This can include investments in their work space or tools, apps that make things easier, fun challenges like ice cream making, but, most importantly, I urge you to invest in their learning. Support their requests for training and find ways to celebrate them.

International Women’s Day is Friday March 5th. Celebrate the women in your life. Challenge your belief about how you see them. #choosetochallenge

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