The Tuesday Two © – April 18, 2023

  1. Take Control – I have talked about Mel Robbins and her work a number of times.  I wanted to make sure that you knew about her free 3-part course “Take Control” that you can sign up for.  I would love for you to take it with me. The first time Mel offered a free course was in 2017 shortly after the 5 Second Rule was released.  It was an amazing opportunity to be coached by Mel and there were only 300 of us in the course.  Her popularity has increased, and I understand there are over 100,000 already signed up for this one, but it will be worth your investment of time and it’s free! You can sign up here >>
  2. Mind Your Gut – “All disease begins in the gut” Hippocrates.  Did you know that the gut is considered the second brain?  Our “thinking brain” is in our head but our “feeling brain” is in our gut.  Gut feelings are the innate sense we have about something, and they are scientific.  What I just learned from “The Mind-Body Cure” by Dr Bal Pawa is that both the brain and our stomach originate from the same embryonic tissue.  When the embryo is dividing at a very rapid rate, the neural crest gives rise to the brain, spinal cord, and at different sections of this same tissue it branches off and forms the enteric (gut) nervous system.  It is believed that there are more nerve cells in the gut than in our spinal cord and brain.  So, what the saying “Trust your gut” is really saying is “Trust your second brain”.  This is why it is so important to take care of our gut and its health.  The 5R gut program is meant to help you do that.  You can find plenty of information on-line but start here.