The Tuesday Two © – April 25 2023

  1. Celebrate – Tomorrow is Administrative Professional Day – Yes Professionals!  They are highly skilled individuals who handle everything from the worst possible complaining customers, to the never-ending phone ringing, to making me look good to the business community.  Thank you for all you do.  Make sure to “celebrate” them. Miriam Webster Dictionary defines Celebrate as; to mark (something, such as an anniversary) by festivities or other deviation from routine.  Throw out the routine and find a way to create some festivities for the administrative professionals in your life.  And if that’s you – then celebrate your greatness!  You are the heart and soul of your organization.
  2. Treat Yourself – As above – if no one else remembers to celebrate you – treat yourself!  Self-care is a must! I had to smile to myself when I saw #6 on this list of “12 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself”.  #6 Take a self-care trip. Booked.  Two weeks ago, I was freezing, we had yet another very cold wind outside and I felt cold to the very bone.  I told my husband that we were going somewhere warm for the long weekend in May.  Everything I found was too expensive or didn’t work timing wise, but then it dawned on me, we can go the weekend before.  So, we are headed to my favourite sun place.  Just 4 days but enough to recharge my Vitamin D levels and catch up on the reading for fun! How will you treat yourself?