The Tuesday Two © – April 4 2023

  1. Cooperation – Have you ever watched ants at work?  Together they devour a forest or move large objects because they work together.  When you are able to work as part of a cooperating team, it makes the project/task more fun and increases your sense of connection.  This is a win-win all around.  It will increase your happy hormones and help you to get the job done feeling empowered and reducing your sense of burnout.  Who is on your list of people who could be your ally for a task or project you have taken on?  How will you use your social influence to enlist help?  Can you offer your help to someone else in order to assist them in accomplishing a task or project?  Cooperation leads to connection, and connection leads to better mental wellness!  Want to help with the Women in Leadership Retreat?  Reach out to me and we can talk.
  2. Calm – Blue whales are larger than any dinosaur.  They weigh 180 tons and their hearts weigh 181 kg/400 lbs.  Their heart beats can be detected up to 3.2 km away.  It is their calm tranquil heart beat and ability to communicate with low calm sounds that make them unique to other whales, along with the size of their heart.  When does your emotional heart feel large and full?  One way for me is when I am in the mountains or watching a sunrise/sunset.  The fresh air, sunshine (vitamin D) and beauty around me calm my spirit and open my heart to all the possibilities around me.  And watching the whales – I love to watch the whales jump and the momma’s play with their new born babes.  I missed my whale watching in Mexico this year, and won’t make that mistake again, LOL.  So what makes your emotional heart feel full?