The Tuesday Two © – August 1 2023

Joy – It is said that Joy is happiness with a purpose.  Happiness is a positive emotional state that arises from experiencing pleasure, contentment, or satisfaction. It can be a result of various external factors such as achieving a goal, receiving good news, spending time with loved ones, or experiencing something enjoyable. Happiness is often associated with transient feelings of delight and well-being.

Joy, on the other hand, is often described as a deeper and more profound emotion compared to happiness. It goes beyond the fleeting moments of pleasure and is characterized by a sense of inner fulfillment and delight. Joy is less dependent on external circumstances and is often associated with a deeper connection to one’s values, purpose, or spirituality.

The concept of purpose refers to having a sense of direction and meaning in life. It involves having clear goals, passions, and a deeper reason for one’s existence. When someone experiences happiness in alignment with their purpose, it can lead to a more profound and lasting sense of joy.

However, I believe that joy is a choice. Choosing joy doesn’t mean ignoring or denying difficult emotions, but rather developing resilience to face challenges and maintain a sense of well-being even amidst adversity. Adopting a positive perspective and mindset, practicing gratitude, and looking for things that truly move you every day will help you to naturally choose joy. Understanding our emotional responses and thought patterns allows us to make intentional choices that promote joy and well-being.

It’s essential to recognize that while joy can be a choice, there are situations where experiencing joy may be more challenging, such as when dealing with significant loss or trauma. In such cases, seeking support from friends, family, or professionals can be valuable in navigating through difficult emotions.

In researching Joy for the upcoming Women In Leadership – Ripple Effect retreat, I came across this fantastic video.  Check it out – Mission Joy