The Tuesday Two © – August 15 2023

  1. Hormones – Even if you are young or a man, listen to this podcast from Mel on  How to Hack Your Hormones and Use Science to Lose Weight, Sleep Better and Get Your Mojo Back.  Wow where was this information 13 years ago when I started perimenopause?  The impact hormones have had on my life is significant.  I allowed others to influence my thoughts and decisions about hormone therapy and suffered greatly for it.  It wasn’t until my doctor had me track my heart rate every time I had a hot flash, that I realized the damage it was doing to my heart as well. It wasn’t until the hot flashes/night sweats were only allowing me to sleep 20 minutes at a time, that I realized something had to change.  My journey isn’t over, and I am still experiencing symptoms I am not enjoying, but I am working with a variety of health professionals to find a solution. In the podcast, Dr Amy Shah talks about the effects of hormone fluctuations throughout our life and gives some real-world options and solutions.  Her suggestions that work well in my life are a bedtime routine, working out in the morning, high protein & fiber diet, and a nap in the afternoon.  The information she gives in one hour is equal to what has taken me 13 years to figure out.  So please share this podcast with as many people as possible, and in particular, those in their mid-40’s which is when this journey started for me.
  2. Breathing – My husband recently found Wim Hof and his Wim Hof Method©.  I knew it sounded familiar but realized that’s because Mel Robbins featured it about a year ago.  Check out her You Tube video here. On the Wim Hof Method Website the front-page states “You are stronger than you think you are”.  The three pillars of his method are breathing, cold therapy and commitment.  He is known as the ice man.  Breathing is a fundamental physiological process that allows your body to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Proper breathing techniques can have a significant impact on your physical and mental well-being. Techniques like deep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, and mindfulness-based breathing can help reduce stress, improve focus, and promote relaxation. Breath control is also a key component in practices like meditation and yoga. There is a Wim Hof Method app but unfortunately it is only free for a trial period.  But you may want to check it out to get you started.  I am still struggling with holding my breath after I have exhaled.  It is teaching me to control my thought process and focus on something other than taking a breath.  I have tinnitus so I find it hard to hear my heartbeat as Wim Hof suggests, but where my thoughts go, I do have control of.  Have you tried this yet?  Let me know how long you can hold your breath for. Cold Therapy, also known as cryotherapy, involves exposing the body to cold temperatures for therapeutic purposes. This can be achieved through techniques such as cold-water immersion, ice baths, or cryotherapy chambers. Cold therapy is believed to have various benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving circulation, aiding muscle recovery, and boosting the immune system. Some people also use cold exposure to enhance mental resilience and willpower.  My husband is a goalie and played hockey at a high level.  He would always have an ice bath after a practice or game and found it very beneficial.  We are starting with the cold shower, and it definitely wakes me up.