The Tuesday Two © – December 5, 2023

Each Tuesday I will deliver two things that are relevant to wellness.

1. Pick Me Up – If you have lots of time to deliver self-care to yourself, great news.  But if you are running tight on time this month here are some self-care ideas that can be done in under five minutes.  Set an alarm and let yourself get into it.  Bonus points if it makes you feel silly at first, but you get over it and love it!

  • Shake it up.  Stand with bent knees and start doing a light bounce, keep both feet on the ground.  Stretch your arms up over your head and shake out your wrists and arms allowing yourself to bounce.  Then move on to your legs, shaking them out until your hold body is shaking.  I prefer to have music playing while I do this one.
  • Try one of the breathing techniques we have talked about.  (In four, hold four, out four, BMW etc)
  • Sit – relax in your chair, close your eyes, and feel where the tension is in your body.  See if you can breathe it into relaxation.
  • Dry skin brushing is energizing and great for the lymphatic system which will boost your immunity.  Do it before you shower.  Brush in circular motions, then brush storks towards the hearts.  If you don’t have a brush, you can make claws with your fingertips instead.
  • Read some inspirational quotes.
  • Get outside and let the warm sun wash over you.
  • Meditate on your glimmers.
  • Rest – make the room dark and just rest (use an alarm)
  • Take a quick shower, put a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the floor of the shower.  Peppermint is good to clear your mind and lungs.

2. Music – Music can move me to tears, make me laugh, and is a huge stress relief when belted out at high volume alone in my kitchen or truck! Recently I had the honour of delivering my dad’s birthday present.  We attended the Tenor’s concert in Calgary.  Wow it pushed me into the Christmas spirit immediately.  Dancing around your kitchen or bobbing up and down in your vehicle all count as self-care as does singing at the top of your lungs.  Close your eyes and let the music wash over you.  This song the Tenor’s sang brings me to tears every time.  “Let there be Love, let there be Joy, Let there be Peace, With all the angels sing, Joy to the World”.   We could all use a little more love, joy and peace this year. Spread these gifts wherever you go and don’t forget to take along “You Matter” cards everywhere you go this holiday season.  Be Blessed this week.