The Tuesday Two © – February 14, 2023

  1. Celebrate Love – Today I celebrate 20 years of marriage.  It is a second marriage for both of us. There have been plenty of challenges along the way but there has also been more blessings and joy than I can count.  However, not everyone has a wedding anniversary or love to celebrate today.  So we should also be celebrating our friendships and our family.  Galentine’s day was technically Feb 13th, but if you missed it reach out to those BFF’s and let them know you love them.  Other than my wedding day, Valentine’s day always meant heart shaped sugar cookies with pink icing from my Grandma Tetz.  She died shortly before my 50th birthday which meant there were no Valentine’s cookies from Grandma that year.  I chose to make them for the immediate family, along with the recipe so they could continue her tradition with their own families. Start a tradition with your family of origin or family of choice each Valentine’s day.  What will it be?
  2. Dig Deep – Here is one I have been working on.  Ask questions instead of creating conclusions.  You know the “Tell me more about that”.  Learn to use that technique on yourself.  Questions help us to grow and learn whereas conclusions are basically dead ends.  Ask yourself “What am I thinking? What else is possible?  Am I loving this?  And most importantly, Why?”.  As I work to simplify in 2023 I am asking myself if I love something and why daily.  It feels like hard work somedays so I set it back down, and other days it’s easy and I knock off two or three “things”.  I say things because that is so much of the clutter I have collected.  Do I really need the “jean planter” my great aunt made?  I found this article on Sentimental Clutter helpful, see what you think.