The Tuesday Two © – February 28, 2023

  1. Ripple Effect – As part of my research for the upcoming Women In Leadership Retreat Nov 3 – 5, 2023 in Canmore, I have been looking at ripples and their effects.  I came across this fabulous activity for kids. (Kindness Activity – The Ripple Effect Experiment) It could be adapted for adults as well, it is a great reminder that kindness does have a ripple effect, but so does negative behaviour.  When you find yourself sliding to the negative, stop and breathe, visualize the ripples you might be causing and shift your focus to gratitude and joy!

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  • Water – I have been struggling to keep my water intake up lately, a full schedule and some long work days have me tempted to have another coffee.  However, I know that is not good for me and disrupts my sleep pattern. (Two cups in the morning and that’s it is my rule, occasionally meant to be broken 😊) So I got my pretty water bottle out again and am tracking it on my watch app.  If you aren’t sure of the benefits of water here is a great article. 15 Benefits of Water

One more activity for kids – Why Water Play is beneficial