The Tuesday Two © – January 10 2023

Each Tuesday I will deliver to you two things that are relevant to wellness.

  1. Neuorbics – Early this year, oh wait it was just last week, LOL, I was listening to Mel Robbins Podcast on the “Science Based Habit we need for 2023”  which is excellent especially the interview with her husband Chris, but I heard a new term, to me at least.  Neurobics.  Neurobics is deliberately creating new associative patterns in the brain. The workout proposed in Neurobics involves the cerebral hemispheres, body movement, and the use of all the senses, especially the use of the eyes to stimulate myelin and ease of learning.  I have seen similar material in Dr. Anika’s work but I had no idea there were app’s to help support this.

Here is an article with some great ideas, I like the squat, and ear squeeze for starters. Check your Google or iTunes store for what’s available. Let me know your favourites.

  1. Leg’s up the Wall – Being in New Zealand for a month was great, then it was Christmas, New Years, and now our fitness centre is closed for a few weeks.  That means I am having to be a bit creative with my regular health & fitness. Leg’s up the Wall (also known as Viparita karani) helps my body in several ways, but is a must when I find my legs restless, or cramping. It also relieves back pain, and aide’s digestive issues.  Here is an article that explains the benefits as well as the proper way to do it.  The best part is I can do it anywhere, including when I am on the road for work.