The Tuesday Two © – January 16 2024

  1. Declutter – Yes, it is here again.  A quote I read recently really struck me. “If you don’t use it or love it, it’s clutter”.  Ok I have a lot of clutter and it can feel overwhelming.  That is why I was happy to find this piece of advice. Start with bite-sized transformations.  Focus on bite-sized chaotic spaces to transform.  Write a list of ten tiny spaces that frustrate you (or in my case, my spouse) on a regular basis.  A bedside table, glove compartment, your computer desktop, a drawer.  Circle one and give it 10 minutes today, then move on to the next one tomorrow.  Set the timer and continue the next day if it’s not complete.  That way you don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed.  What are your tips for decluttering?  I would love to hear them.  Email me your suggestions or what has worked for you.
  2. Awe – Here in Alberta we have just experienced a polar vortex.  Meaning it has been -40 with windchills to -50 since Thursday.  What I have found fascinating is the cool things you can do at that temperature.  Frozen Bubbles and Instant snow are two of my favourites.  Both gave me that sense of awe as I watched them.  There are things in nature that are truly amazing, and only the coldest weather can bring some of them about.  I was further researching my 2024 word Awe, I came across this Happiness Calendar that I wanted to share with you.  Here’s to many happy days in 2024.

Watch for details coming soon and save the dates!

Oct 17 evening/Oct 18   – Administrative Professional Workshop

Oct 18 Friday evening – Sunday October 20 – Women in Leadership Retreat