The Tuesday Two © – January 2, 2024

  1. 2024 Word – Mine is AWE.  My 2023 word was Zest.  I lived life with zest for the first part of the year.  I allowed events in my work life to distract me from that until mid-November.  Then my husband and I created time for each other and planned fun events that created Zest once again.  I like choosing a word rather than making a resolution.  I will be offering an on-line course on choosing and creating a vision board for your “Word of the Year – 2024”.  Those details will be in your Jan 9th Tuesday Two.  If you would like to get started thinking about a word, here is an article you can look at.  I chose AWE because it is taking my glimmer concept a step further.  Awe shifts our attention from ourselves to something bigger.  In my research I came across this interesting white paper “The Science of Awe”.  (attached/link) This is a study that I will be digesting over the holiday season as I will be spending New Years alone. (Hubby must go back to work early) Of particular interest to me is when “Awe” requires us to accommodate new thinking, as something challenges our normal understanding, and we need a cognitive realignment.  Very deep thoughts from my original intent in choosing the word.  I decided that maybe I needed both the positive and challenging word “Awe” to guide my 2024.
  2. Digital Detox – It’s time to consider the amount of time we spend in front of screens.  We have talked about the negative effects of blue light before, and the need to stay away from screens at least one hour before you want to go to sleep.  However, I think we need to consider the amount of time we are on devices period.  Here are the stats for Canada.  You could choose to forgo social media during the week, or for a specific day, or do a completely digital free day on the weekend.  There are many studies that have linked negative physical and mental effects from too much time on screens and in particular social media.  What are your thoughts? Are you willing to give up your phone for a period of time?  The interesting thing for me is that with a slower pace of life I have forgotten my phone a few times recently.  When I realize it, I must admit there is a bit of a panic moment.  But it is a good experiment to try.  This is an interesting article on the wellness trends coming for 2024.  Are there any that interest you?

The Biggest Wellness Trends for 2024, Predicted by Experts (