The Tuesday Two © – January 24 2023

Each Tuesday I will deliver to you two things that are relevant to wellness.

  1. Ripple – I have been researching the concept of ripples and the ripple effect for the upcoming Women in Leadership Retreat Nov. 3 – 5, 2023 in Canmore.  Recently, I have been fascinated with ripples since a hike in BC in October shortly before I went to New Zealand. The concept I was focused on, is that what we drop into our environment, reality, life etc. ripples and affects those around us, good, bad, great, joy filled, it all causes ripples.  Recently in a conversation with the amazing team from Frankie D’s Donuts, my fascination was confirmed, and a conference theme was born.  In my research this past weekend, I came across Dr. Greg Wells and his book The Ripple Effect.  So scratch that title, but “Ripple” still works, as does the effects of ripples. You have 1 month left to Save your Spot for the low pre-payment cost of $200 and a reduced overall registration price of $575.  After March 1st the price goes up to $645. So Save your Spot today!
  2. Brain dump, plan, gratitude, schedule.  I have used the outlook three panel daily calendar for about 15 years. However it was missing a few pieces I use regularly, the brain dump (Mel Robbins) and a section for gratitude.  So I had the fabulous team at Inkkers Fine Printing in Three Hills, create this daily sheet for me. Let me know what you think.