The Tuesday Two © – January 3 2023

Each Tuesday I will deliver to you two things that are relevant to wellness.

1. Zest – Zest and happiness bring a positive feeling of life in a person as both go together to make a healthy life experience.

My word for 2023 is Zest.  Zest is defined as living life with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and energy, and is an essential element that nurtures our soul, gives us spirit, and makes us human. I want to exude this energy when approaching life, which I hope will be contagious. I will act and change things rather than complaining. I will look at the positive side of life and move forward despite challenges faced.

My inspiration is my daughter Taylor.  While visiting her in New Zealand recently, our one adventure had a lot of glitches. When I told her I was grumpy she gently reminded me it was my expectations that were the problem.  Rather than heading into the day with anticipation for whatever would come, I had placed expectations on the day.  I want to live with zest and learn to not expect.

I am excited for the changes coming in 2023, the new beginnings, and opportunities.  What is your word?  Email me at and let me know. If you haven’t picked a word yet, here is a link to help you out.

2. Relax – “Give yourself permission to relax”

I attended a much-needed Vinyasa Flow & Restore class this past week offered by Wild Prairie Yoga .  When the instructor, Ashley, said “Give yourself permission to relax” I realized that I rarely do that during my day.  It is part of my bedtime routine, but I need to make room and give myself permission during my day and earlier in the evening to relax as well.

This means reminding myself to breathe the deep relaxing kind of breaths, find the calm, and stay there for a period of time.