The Tuesday Two © – July 11 2023

  1. Ripple Effect – An initial disturbance propagates outward flow. There are many ways to describe a ripple, but the truth is it starts with a disturbance.  We sometimes tend to think of a disturbance as a bad thing, but really, it’s just a change.  It can be a small change, even as small as 1%.  There are two sources of information about 1% change that I suggest you look at.  “Atomic Habits” by James Clear talks about the concept. So does Dr Greg Wells in his book “The Ripple Effect”. Positive change creates ripples that can then spread outwards into the lives of those around us that can create a change in them and creates a ripple of their own.  This is why I believe it is so important to always be looking for those 1% gains.  There are days when it feels like I lost about 10% and I know the ripples I am creating are not the kind of impact I want to spread in the world.  Understanding that it is normal to have those days and that tomorrow can be different is important, not staying stuck in the -10% range is crucial.  I invite you to join us at the Women in Leadership Retreat “Ripple Effect” Nov 3 – 5, 2023 to learn more about this and how to amplify your life.  Register today!
  2. Volunteerism – I am so grateful to those that stepped up and helped our community this past weekend.  I organized a Summer Celebration that followed our community parade.  It included bouncy castles and one with water which was perfect for the hot day, games & prizes, face painting, and a stage with dance performances followed by a music festival with local musicians.  Seeing the smiling faces of the kids and those enjoying the entertainment are all the thanks I need.  An event like this takes many people willing to donate 4 – 5 hours of their time on a beautiful Saturday to make sure the event happens safely. Volunteering can help you feel connected to your community, is proven to help with loneliness and reduces the effects of anger, anxiety, and stress.  People who volunteer are shown to live 10 years longer. (Interesting article on the Health Benefits of Doing Good) There are countless ways to volunteer in every community, but if you don’t know where to start Volunteer Alberta can help give you some ideas. Their vision is: Engaged, connected, and empowered communities building a flourishing Alberta.

 If you need further suggestions just send me an email.