The Tuesday Two © – June 13 2023

  1. Gratitude – Real Gratitude – Have you listened to Mel’s podcast on this topic?  She says “gratitude is an essential life skill”.  This is a very new take on gratitude, it is about something that deeply moves you. So, forcing yourself to list three things every day may not actually be helping you.  The six toxic forms of gratitude were challenging.  Especially in dealing with difficult situations. I have some work to do, how about you?
  2. Joy – Positive habit formation is enhanced when you take joy in the process of creating new behaviours.  Joy creates internal rewards in the form of feel-good neurotransmitters that flood our brain when you practice a new habit. Check out Kelly McGonigal’s website for her take on this.  Her book “The Joy of Movement” is next on my reading list.