The Tuesday Two © – June 27 2023

  1. Heart – to be specific HeartMath ©. I have been meaning to explore this concept for some time and now I have the time.  HeartMath is a system of simple and powerful self-regulation techniques which are easy to learn and designed to be used “in the moment”, whatever the situation, meaning that you can bring your best self to your professional, social, and personal lives. What is HeartMath? – HeartMath This all ties to those “gut feelings” or “pulling on your heart strings”.  The vagus nerve carries a great deal of information back and forth in our bodies, and that is why it is important to take care of it.  Have any of you tried the HRV Coherence biofeedback app and sensor?  I think I will be checking it out soon.  I would love to have your feedback on this concept if you have any. Also check out the HeartMath Institute. Our mission is to help awaken the heart of humanity. Since 1991, the HeartMath Institute has developed reliable, scientifically validated tools that help people reduce and avoid stress while experiencing increased peace, satisfaction and self-security. Research at the HeartMath Institute shows that, adding heart to our daily activities and connections produces measurable benefits to our own and others’ well-being. HeartMath Institute
  2. Commitment – Sometimes self-care means doing what you don’t feel like doing in the present moment to benefit your future self.  Monday, I did not feel like going to the gym.  But I heard my friend Karen’s voice in my head.  Karen and her virtual exercise classes rescued me during COVID.  (foreverfitover40) She always said to commit to getting dressed in your exercise clothes and just start.  If you give it 5 minutes and your body says no, not today, then stretch and call it good.  So, I got dressed and headed to the gym.  Within my 3-minute warmup I actually felt a surge of energy and was able to increase the percentage of time I ran vs fast walked and achieved a new distance goal.  Self-care isn’t just spas and journalling, sometimes it is a commitment to your health and just starting.