The Tuesday Two © – March 12, 2024

  1. M Word – Men don’t stop reading but this topic is Menopause. Support for women’s health and in particular around menopause is critical. In Canada, women miss – and employers lose – about 540,000 days of work because of menopause symptom management. Overall, the annual economic cost of unmanaged menopause symptoms is about $3.5 billion. Much of that is due to women reducing their hours, taking lower paid positions, or leaving the workforce altogether. An estimated 1 in 10 women will leave the workforce due to unmanaged menopause symptoms. Women in the workplace want to make the most of their careers and expanded supports at work for women’s health are a win-win for all. I have been dealing with the effects of perimenopause for 14 years, and am still not “there” yet officially. It affects my life daily, some days worse than others.  If you are struggling, please reach out to me and I will connect you with various resources, however at the bottom are a few I recommend.
  2. Workload – Currently excessive workloads are be listed as the leading contributor to stress and burnout.  In fact, 46% of workplace stress is related to excessive workload with 64% of employees saying they are frequently stressed by their workload.  The do more with less concept and the changing workplace due to the pandemic have amplified this for many workers.  Here is another loss of productivity number putting it a $300 billion.  What would a mindful workload look like for you?  How can you address this in your workplace?  This is a concept I have been contemplating and would love your feedback.  Is your workload too heavy, in what ways could it improve?  Email me your ideas!


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