The Tuesday Two © – March 14 2023

Each Tuesday I will deliver to you two things that are relevant to wellness.

  1. Intentions – Intentions are internally driven versus a goal which generally has external factors, things we want to achieve.  When we become overwhelmed or are facing burnout, we feel like we have lost control, and can become fixated on the fact that we are not reaching our goal.  When we focus on our intention for the day/week/month/year, we can start to focus on what really matters to you.  An intention is a softer approach, something you are aiming for.  In medicine an intention refers to the healing process of a wound.  That really resonates with me.  My intentions can begin to heal me from the inside out.  Here is an article on what intentions are, how they are different from goals, and how to set them. My intention for this week is to “Read more for enjoyment”.  How about you?  What is your intention this week?
  2. Transition – Change happens to all of us.  Sometimes we plan it, other times it happens to us and can be sudden an unexpected.  Transition is about how you handle the change.  In my leadership and supervisor facilitation I talk about Storming, Forming, and Norming as part of the change process.  If change happens to us, in particular if it is unexpected, we often “Storm”.  You know the unhappy, grumbling, complaining, why me kind of feelings.  Things begin to adjust, and we might even begin to see the positives in the situation, the grumbling and complaining lessen. Then our “new normal” settles in and what was a change begins to feel like normal.  So even when you have absolutely no control over the change, you can control the transition, and how long it takes you to move from storming to norming.  And if you are the one causing the change, remember that communication is key.  This is the biggest mistake people make. It is necessary to communicate, discuss, and seek input from those that will be affected by the change.  What transitions have you successfully made?