The Tuesday Two © – March 19 2024

  1. Spring  – Today is the first day of spring!  In Alberta tomorrow is Winter #3 as we are expecting 10 – 20 cm of snow.  I always look forward to spring because I have a flower bed that starts blooming in May and keeps blooming all summer long.  I just purchased some new bulbs to plant as well.  No matter how long winter is, spring will always come.  The same goes for those difficult or darker times in our life.  They will give way to new growth in us and with a little extra sunshine we can once again show our great colours.I love this quote from Robin Williams “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!” How will you celebrate the dawn of spring today?  I am going to go buy myself some flowers and have a party!  I am also going to pay attention to those who are laughing on the outside but struggling on the inside and make sure they know I see them.
  2. You Matter Challenge – I introduced you to the “You Matter” concept back in November, but for our newcomers, here it is. I share a story that speaker Allan Kehler shared about his mom.  She is fighting cancer and has decided to create and give away “You Matter” cards randomly.  She writes a note inside the card with “you matter” statements and includes a monetary gift ($5) with the hopes the individual will spend it on themselves.  He had taken her to a cancer clinic appointment and his mom had given one to the receptionist who was extremely touched by this as she was going through something difficult.  My challenge to you is give at least one “You Matter” card a week in April.  I have been making up four of five at a time, and I have them in my bag with me so that I am ready when I feel the nudge to pass one along. Then April 28th is Pay it Forward Day.  Finish up that day strong with at least 3 “You Matter” cards.  That is only 7 cards and $35.  Are you with me?  Please email me your commitment. From everyone who participates and emails me their commitment I will make a draw for the “Make a Ripple” wall hanging in the photo.  When we stand for kindness and let people know how important they are we make positive ripples in the world around us. 


Allan Kehler

Pay It Forward Day