The Tuesday Two © – March 21 2023

1. Breath, Mind, Word – Dr. Bal Pawa, MD in her book The Mind-Body Cure, talks about her BMW breathing. This type of breathing can re-set your autonomic nervous system and allows you to respond rather than react in a stressful situation.  Here is a summary of the technique as listed on pages 82 & 83 the book. 

Breath.  Start by inhaling slowly and deeply through the nose and hold for 5 seconds, then exhale slowly through the mouth.

Mind. Become aware of the thoughts running through your mind.  Keep going back to your breath.

Word. Pick a soothing word (peace, amen, om) and shift your attention from your breath to repeating the single word as you exhale.

2. Reframe – Dr Pawa’s book The Mind-Body Cure also talks about seven tools to re-set your health. This section talks about how we must learn to manage chronic stress.  This toolkit helps to connect the dots between our physical symptoms and our mental and emotional state.  The idea is to create optimal health using mind-brain-body principles.  REFRAME stands for Re-set, Exercise, Food, Rest, Assess, Mindset and Examine.  Learning to reframe our perspective can help us to shift our focus to a positive and healthy mindset. (page 251)

Check out Dr Pawa’s Website for more information and to order her book.

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