The Tuesday Two © – March 26 2024

  1. Sour – As long as I can remember, I have craved sour tasting food and drinks.  Sour cherries, lime, grapefruit, and of course sour candies. Recently I learned that OT therapists and mental wellness professionals will recommend the use of sour candies (warheads) or sour candy sprays to those experiencing anxiety or panic attacks. And apparently it is a Tik Tok craze as well. The taste of something intensely sour diverts attention away from the panic and anxiety.  The overpowering flavor is a sensory experience which shuts down the amygdala and engages the sense of taste and our cerebral cortex or thinking part of our brain.  However, while it is a great distraction other behaviour cognitive therapies are necessary for long lasting changes. Through further exploration I decided to explore why I crave sour tastes at times.  The number one reason according to the article by Eating Enlightenment, is dehydration.  I am definitely guilty here.  I am not sure why I struggle so hard to drink enough water, I can make it to 1 L but I really struggle to drink the 2nd L.  And when I do I seem to have to get up several times a night which interrupts my sleep pattern that I just got back under control. Time to fire up the habit stacking and get that second litre in.
  2. Once again the “You Matter” Challenge – Sadly I had no commitments!  So I am asking again.  Please email me your commitment. Click here to say Yes I am In! My challenge to you is give at least one “You Matter” card a week in April.  I have been making up four of five at a time, and I have them in my bag with me so that I am ready when I feel the nudge to pass one along. Then April 28th is Pay it Forward Day.  Finish up that day strong with at least 3 “You Matter” cards.  That is only 7 cards and $35.  Are you with me?  Please email me your commitment. From everyone who participates and emails me their commitment I will make a draw for the “Make a Ripple” wall hanging in the photo.  When we stand for kindness and let people know how important they are we make positive ripples in the world around us. 


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