The Tuesday Two © – March 28 2023

  1. Wellbeing is a skill that can be learned.  Say this out loud so your brain, heart, and soul can hear it. “ I can learn to change my brain through better-feeling thoughts, more harmony, and ease and a clearer sense of intervention in my own life.”  I do have the ability to learn to live my life differently. There is research being done on this subject at the Centre for Healthy Minds, if you are interested click here.
  2. A gentle approach to clutter.  I am continuing my journey to simplicity and clearing my home of clutter.  However, I also need to clear my head, heart, and schedule of clutter.  When there is clutter in these areas of my life, it drains my energy and scatters my focus.  I continue to use the brain dump area of my daily schedule to help keep my head clutter free, and I am learning to block time in my schedule for rest and reflection.  Heart clutter is an area that I am processing, so stay tuned for an update there. See below for the Daily Agenda with a brain dump area.