The Tuesday Two © – May 21, 2024

1. Cherish – This past week, I was reminded of the importance of cherishing our loved ones. My dad had a heart attack just after 9 am on Friday. It was a shock because, even though he is 83, he is active, not overweight, and generally healthy. As they were prepping him for the ambulance ride with lights and sirens to the Foothills in Calgary, we said what needed to be said, just in case. Witnessing the exchange between my parents and then my own goodbye highlighted the need for us to cherish those we love.

Fortunately, the story had a good ending. He was rushed into surgery as soon as he arrived in Calgary. I am incredibly grateful to the ER team in Three Hills, the ambulance team, and the cardiology team at Foothills for saving my dad.

Being an only child, the details and care for my mom fell to me. As I struggled to find a hotel room with two beds, my friend of 46 years texted, “You can stay with us.” I didn’t have to ask; she just knew my mom and I would want to be close by. When we arrived, she provided food, hugs, tea, wine, a comfy bed, and breakfast in the morning—priceless comforts in a stressful situation.

The next day, my son and his wife asked if I needed anything from home because friends of theirs were heading into the city. I had forgotten one of my prescriptions, so two angels pulled up in front of Foothills Hospital with a bag for me, including two bags of sour candies from my kids to keep me going.

The definition of “cultivate with care and affection” reminds us that our connections need nurturing. I am grateful for a friend of 46 years who considers us family and welcomed us into her home. I am grateful that my kids have friends willing to drive across the city to deliver a package and offer hugs as I cried. I am grateful that I always take the opportunity to hug my parents and tell them I love them.

What might seem like a chore—planning a coffee visit during a busy week—needs to be seen as an essential part of cultivating care and affection.

Cody Johnson’s song “Till You Can’t” has been echoing in my head since Friday. Who do you need to cultivate care and affection with this week, before you can’t?

2. Wisdom – “ability to discern inner qualities and relationships”. I saw a post recently that said it’s not grey hair it’s Wisdom Glitter.  I love that idea.  Recently I went back to short hair and my blue bangs.  I took a photo from my Dad’s room with the city skyline in the background.  I decided the wrinkles in my eyes are also a sign of wisdom 😊 Discernment is a good skill to have and develop.  The ability to know the time to speak the time to listen and the time to act based on our ability to discern the inner qualities of a another. 

As I walk alongside my mother during this difficult time for her, I am learning the shift to what at times feels like parenting my parent.  It is time to lean in to wisdom as we go through this journey. 

What wisdom have you gained lately?