The Tuesday Two © – May 23 2023

  1. Authenticity – When we live authentically, we strive to align our actions with our core values and beliefs with the hope of discovering, and then acting in sync with our true selves.  Not wearing masks, pretending to be better, different, or worse than who we really are.  It can be difficult to manage, and the masks so easily side back on.  One of the key components of authenticity is self-awareness.  I have been reflecting on something I struggle with occasionally and that is #2 this week, but here is an interesting article from Psychology Today on Authenticity.  What do you think?
  2. Anger – Anger is meant to be a sign; it is your senses telling you that something is off, it is a sign that is trying to tell you something important.  Learning to sit with anger, reflect and not react is the hardest thing for me.  What happened to cause those feelings, the change in heart rate and pain in my right shoulder (that is where anger always goes in my body) The three main areas that when threatened cause anger are security, connection, and control.  When we don’t have them or feel like one of them is being threatened, we react. Keep a piece of paper handy and write down what is happening the next time you get angry.  See if you can connect it to feeling threatened in security, connection, or control.  Once you begin to see a pattern, you can try to avoid those things, mentally prepare for them, or learn to use things like deep breathing to deal with it in the moment.