The Tuesday Two ©- May 9 2023

  1.  Nurture – One of the definitions for nurture is “to further develop”.  This is something we all need from time to time.  Someone to nurture us. It is a term often used to describe motherhood, and as we will be celebrating Moms this Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day. I want to help nurture those who have lost a child, and those who would give anything to have one. However, I also want to celebrate the aunties and special friends who help to nurture our kid’s. Over the last month, I have witnessed my sister-in-law who has taken each of her nephews on individual dates. They love the one and one time focused on them. This too is nurture.  Who can you nurture this week as we lead up to Mother’s Day?  It might just be yourself.  Here’s a few ideas for you.
  2. Gardening – I love to plant flowers in pots all around my outdoor space and have always enjoyed having a garden.  There are even mental health benefits to gardening. “Your garden (like your life) is in bigger hands than yours.” Seth J Gillihan.  Seth believes that gardening can help practice patience and move beyond perfectionism.  For me there is something very therapeutic about dead heading flowers.  I didn’t realize it until recently, but for me it is practicing mindfulness. Time to be present in the moment.  Removing the blooms that have already done their thing and observing those that are still full of beauty. Check out the full article here. It’s time to go buy some plants 😊