The Tuesday Two © – November 14, 2023

1. Kindness – Yesterday Nov 13th was World Kindness Day.  It is supported by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.  Given the situation in our world currently, a little kindness could go a long way.  This year’s theme is “Make Kindness the Norm”.  Their website has amazing resources like a Kindness Bingo Card and a Kindness Calendar.  There are sections for teachers, your home, and work.  Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17, 2024.

Suggestions for RAK towards others

  • Smile at a stranger (I love watching their face go from confused “Do I know you” to smiling back)
  • Giving compliments – make sure they are genuine!
  • Giving gifts
  • Saying kind words
  • Showing gratitude
  • Doing an act of service for someone else
  • Being respectful
  • Noticing good things that others do
  • Giving your time to someone else

While I believe that random acts of kindness towards others are important, we also need to randomly be kind to ourselves.  We are headed into the busy holiday season.  Remember to look for glimmers in your day to give you that moment to breathe, take in the sight, smell, touch or whatever it is that acts as a glimmer for you.  It will lower your heart rate and help your Vagus nerve to settle.  

Suggestions for RAK towards yourself

  • Take a hot bath with Epsom salts and aromatherapy oils.  Or try some bath bombs from Hollyberry or Rocky Mountain Soap Company.
  • Take a walk in the sun.  Feel the sunshine on your face and enjoy the fresh air and scenery around you.
  • Buy yourself a treat.  I buy myself flowers about once a month because I love having fresh flowers in my home.  Other possibilities are scented candles (my favourite is Volcano from Anthropologie) a latte from your favourite coffee shop, or a cupcake.  Try to keep the purchase under $25 so as to avoid buyer’s remorse.
  • Book a massage – especially if you have a benefit plan that covers the cost.
  • Book a yoga class
  • Find time to meditate
  • Take yourself on a date.  Go to your favourite restaurant or take yourself to a movie.  Make the date all about what you want to do.  Enjoy the experience and remember to smile at strangers!

2.  You Matter – At the Women in Leadership – Ripple Effect retreat we talked about how our actions such as random acts of kindness can have a positive ripple effect on the world around us.  I share a story that Allan Kehler shared about his mom.  She is fighting cancer and has decided to create and give away “You Matter” cards randomly.  She writes a note inside the card with you matter statements and includes a monetary gift ($5) with the hopes the individual will spend it on themselves.  He had taken her to a cancer clinic appointment and his mom had given one to the receptionist who was extremely touched by this as she was going through something difficult.  My challenge to you is give at least one “You Matter” card a week.  I have been making up four of five at a time, and I have them in my bag with me so that I am ready when I feel the nudge to pass one along.  If you have any great stories to share from your experience, please email me.