The Tuesday Two © – November 29 2022

Each Tuesday I will deliver to you two things that are relevant to wellness.

Self-care is not self-indulgent or a treat, it is as necessary as breathing!  What can you do to take care of yourself?

  1. Some would say that travelling is self-care.  However, the change to our routine, airline travel and road trips can stress our bodies and mental wellness.  Two weeks ago, I travelled a total of 16 hours on a plane. (1.5 to Vancouver and 14.5 to Auckland New Zealand) The excitement of seeing our daughter for the first time in three years made the trip there easy.  I know the trip home won’t be as easy.  A few tips for your next trip.  Change your watch and schedule (eating & sleeping) to the schedule of where you are going if possible.  Bring healthy snacks with you (solids can go through security, just make sure to consume all foods prior to entering another country or check to see the rules (i.e., can’t take oranges into the US from Canada.) Drink lots of water as air travel is very dehydrating.  I bring a large scarf that can double as a blanket or neck roll.  Stand up by the bathrooms and do some stretches every time you go to the washroom. Happy travels!
  2. For those who struggle to journal their gratitude, one option might be a gratitude photo journal.  Pick a hash tag when sharing those photos on Instagram and you can then search that for a roll back to your photos.  I will be tagging our trip to New Zealand as #austinfamilyadventure2022 if you want to follow along.  I am so grateful to have this time with our daughter Taylor and her sister Mikaela is joining us in a few days to celebrate Taylor’s graduation to become Dr. Taylor Austin DC.  Congratulations!

Have a great week!

Jeannette Austin