The Tuesday Two © – October 24, 2023

  1. Timing – Timing is important in many aspects of our life, but particularly in important or difficult communication.  If someone is tired, busy, distracted it is not the right time to try to communicate. Another not so good time to start a heavy conversation is right before bed, or right before the other person walks out the door.  Make a date for when you will have the conversation. Timing is also important in reaching out to our connections.  Have you ever had someone’s face come to your mind and you think, oh I should text/call them, but then you don’t?  Learn to trust your intuition and “Just Do It!”.  The world feels like it has gone crazy lately and I think now more than ever we could all use a little more connection.  If you can meet in person even better because I think we could all use a few more hugs right now.  If like me you could use a hug, close your eyes and know that I am sending you one right now.  (Just like Mel Robbins – If you are feeling overwhelmed by world events right now – have a listen to this podcast)
  1. Plants – I recently brought in the flowerpots that I preserve over winter.  Given that our first frost happened over the last few days, they have had longer outside than normal.  The pots have ivy and other plants that will continue to grow inside and bring some greenery into my office and home. “When we talk about treating the whole person, we mean looking after the body, the emotions and the spirit; plants can touch each of those essential areas,” Rothenberg explains. Plants improve air quality, bring beauty into your home and boost emotional and spiritual wellbeing by giving you a chance to care for something. Plants in your bedroom could improve your sleep quality, while greenery in your kitchen helps brighten up your space if there’s no window. Good Housekeeping Article . A few years ago I started an indoor herb planter as well.  I grow rosemary, basil, oregano and now I am going to try adding dill and a mini pepper plant.  Do you grow anything inside?  Email me your success stories or share your secrets and I will pass them on.