The Tuesday Two © – October 3 2023

Each Tuesday I will deliver things that are relevant to wellness.

1. Connection – Michelle Cederberg in her book “The Success-Energy Equation” says “When energy is low, you’re more likely to caffeinate than conversate, but science suggests that the latter-human connection-is a worthwhile physical, mental, and emotional energizer.  So, if you need a boost of energy, spend some time with people you like.”

Our ancestors were connected because of necessity, however with modern conveniences the need to work together has become less and less. However, we still gathered to celebrate weddings, babies, friendships, graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries.  Then a pandemic hit and literally the world stopped.  We said Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays via zoom and use emojis to say happy birthday.  Even when we were able to meet once again, it seems many of us have not actually returned to pre-pandemic levels of connection.  This report from Stats Canada shows that women experience loneliness more than men, and it has increased approximately 1% since the height of Covid.  Interesting to me is that Newfoundland and Labrador have a significantly lower rate of loneliness, which tells me they likely are gathering to connect more than the rest of us.

A few comments from attendees of the 2021 Women in Leadership retreat;

“I didn’t realize how much I missed and needed socialization until this weekend. The weekend provided an opportunity to connect, network, learn and re-energize”.

“The weekend was fabulous. I also didn’t realize how much I needed the opportunity to release and found myself doing so throughout the sessions. Shedding tears, laughing, telling stories and reconnecting with people was incredibly needed and I didn’t realize how much I was carrying until Saturday. The weekend allowed me to reflect and think about things in my own day to day and what I need to change.”

Don’t miss your opportunity to get connected to fabulous women, learn new skills, and re-energize!  If money is an issue, please email me and we can discuss.  To register click here and use the code MuniDeal to save $70.  Also book your room by tomorrow Oct 4th to get a great rate at the Malcolm Hotel.

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2. Change – Ripples of Change.  My “Natural Design” would tell you that I love change.  I like new challenges, new places to visit, and new things to do. Interesting to me is that my current change has me a bit frozen, which happens to me occasionally.  It is an awful feeling, but I have come to realize that it is a sign of burnout for me.  With this newfound insight I am shifting my focus.  Instead of what I have lost, I am focusing on the new doors opening.  The ripple effect of that change in focus was not only positive for me, but also for my husband.  My greatest hope is that my change of focus will ripple out and inspire others.

I recently met with Maj Osman the fabulous President of Women on Wings Society who inspired me.  Her ripple effect will have a lasting impact on me.  Take the time to read her “Why”.  This woman is a huge ripple of change.  The WOW (turned upside down is MOM) is the charity of choice for the Women In Leadership Retreat.  We will be raising money through a silent auction and will also be accepting donations for hampers.  If you would like to support this cause but are not able to attend, email me and we can plan for you to do that.

Putting these two together as we head into thanksgiving weekend, I challenge you to be a ripple of change and to connect.  To not only show gratitude for all you have been blessed with, but to bless others.  Invite people over, connect over a meal or pumpkin pie.