The Tuesday Two © – December 6 2022

Self-care is not self-indulgent or a treat, it is as necessary as breathing!  What can you do to take care of yourself?

  1. The “High Five Habit” by Mel Robbins is a fantastic concept.  We high five other people but when we high five ourselves it is self-care.  Take a look at the video and the special offers Mel has on her website if you purchase the book.  I have taken several of Mel’s Masterclasses and they are awesome!  I had the opportunity to meet Mel in 2016 and have a working copy of “The 5 Second Rule”. What I loved the most was that Mel wore sparkly high-top runners on stage.  It inspired me to dump the high heels and wear fun shoes on stage 😊
  2. Is your schedule starting to fill up with holiday shopping, parties, kids school performances, and a variety of other holiday commitments?  Make sure you schedule some time into your schedule every day to do something you enjoy, something just for you.  Literally put it in your calendar.  It might be a special coffee, a soak in a tub, yoga, stretching, or even 30 minutes to read a book.  Don’t let the holiday season run you down physically and mentally.  I put my Christmas Village up before I left for New Zealand, so that I can see it the minute I walk in the house next week.  I can’t wait.  Enjoy your holiday season.